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WCF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that uses the Internet to disseminate information on the right to life. At the right you will see pictures of our various outreaches. Perhaps you are already familiar with all of them, however if you are not we encourage you to visit them simply by clicking on one of the images.

Over the years we have been blessed and our outreach has grown by leaps and bounds. We are humbled at the vast number of people we have been able to reach with our educational information. Of course, this also means that our costs have risen substantially as well. We take pride in the fact that our services always has been and always will be completely free. However, we are at a place where we must turn to you for support.

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We have tried to make donating to Women and Children First as easy as possible. In fact, there are three ways in which you can support us. The standard way of mailing a check is, of course, one of them and our address is at the bottom of this message. The other methods are by giving a secure online credit card donation by clicking here or by signing up for long distance service with Pro Life Communications.

We're proud to announce that making a donation to Women and Children First to support the life-saving work of the Pro-Life Infonet is now more cost-efficient than ever before.

We are now accepting online credit card transactions. We are working with a company called Entango which allows you to send money instantly and securely to anyone with an email address. By clicking on the "Donate Now" button, you will be taken to a secure form by which you can quickly and easily make a credit card donation to Women and Children First. No extra fees and no obligations!

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Women and Children First is proud to announce that we are now participating in the Pro Life Communications long distance program. After doing the research and speaking at length with the founders of Pro Life Communications, we truly believe that this is a quality program and that they are 100% committed to the sanctity of human life.

Pro Life Communications

With Pro Life Communications you will pay a "true" 9.9 cents per minute for your interstate long distance calls anytime day or night and on any day of the week -- with no monthly fee or minimum amount required. In fact, they will even reimburse you for the switching fee charged by your local phone company. They also offer other services such as calling cards, toll free service and international service all with very low rates and no monthly fee. By signing up for their service and designating Women and Children First as the organization whom you want to receive donations, we will receive on average 20-30% of your long distance bill each month.

Click here to be taken directly to the "sign-up" page and you can begin
using your long distance to help support Women and Children First!

If you have a heart for the plight women and their unborn children and find our resources useful, then we ask that you please consider financially supporting this outreach. With your financial donation we can use this unique and powerful medium to educate more people about the right to life, involve more people in the fight for life, and assist more women who find themselves in crisis pregnancies. We hope that you find one of the above methods to support our work and please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

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