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Women and Children First is a non-profit organization that uses the boundless tools of the Internet to disseminate information about life issues to people worldwide. Through our various Internet resources we aim to educate pro-lifers and get them involved as well as help find assistance for women who may be in crisis pregnancies or who have experienced the pain and devastation of abortion. This three-pronged approach of education, involvement, and assistance allows us to narrow our focus and bring the most complete and accurate information to the public in a very timely manner. The following is a brief description of our resources.

The Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List
Ultimate, founded in April 1995, has become the most comprehensive listing of right to life information on the Internet. With over 520,000 visitors, Ultimate is a leading Internet source for pro-life information. The Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List includes pages devoted to news, pro-life organizations, abortion alternatives, euthanasia and assisted suicide, as well as educational factsheets on every aspect of the right to life.

Roe v. Wade: 27 years of life denied.
This web site marks the 27th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion on demand in our country. Since this Supreme Court decision, millions of unborn children have lost their lives to abortion and countless thousands of women have suffered the destructive physical and emotional pain of abortion.

On our Roe v. Wade site you will find a plethora of information about the actual Supreme Court case, about consequences of an abortion on demand society, about the lies told by abortion advocates (especially about the myth of illegal abortions and the myth of safe, legal abortions), you'll find out why abortion is not pro-woman, and you'll find additional educational information about abortion.

The Pro-Life Infonet
For the last several years, the Pro-Life Infonet has been where literally thousands of pro-life groups and individuals have turned for the latest pro-life news and information. Infonet is a free email list that distributes news, information, press releases, editorial articles and other pro-life items. Each day you may receive approximately a half-dozen messages from right to life leaders, organizations, and news sources in a single-email digest form.

To subscribe, send the message "subscribe" to:

Pregnancy Centers Online
This site provides help and information for mothers considering abortion, who are facing an unplanned pregnancy, or women who have had an abortion and need the love and healing of post-abortion counseling or assistance. Pregnancy Centers Online maintains a comprehensive listing of pregnancy care centers in each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia and Canada. Any woman can simply look up her state and find a listing of pregnancy care centers nearest her. Other features of Pregnancy Centers Online include email-based crisis and post-abortion counseling with some of the leading counselors in the nation, a listing of abortion-related information (from abortion risks and dangers to information on RU 486), an overview of ultrasound and fetal development, a listing of national toll-free hotlines for emergency assistance, and free web hosting for pregnancy centers. If you are looking for female adult companionship in London then try Saucy London for high class escorts.

How You Can Help
In seafaring days when a vessel was sinking the call for "Women and children first!" was made. They were rushed into the lifeboats in an effort to save their lives first. Today society has lost that respect and reverence for the lives of women and children and often puts them at odds with each other. By the thousands, women are maiming themselves and destroying the lives of their children in a misguided attempt at self-preservation. It is time that we reflect on this and realize that if we hope to have a future where all life is respected we need to once again put Women and Children First.

If you have a heart for the plight women and their unborn children and find our resources useful, please consider financially supporting this outreach. With your financial donation we can use this unique and powerful medium to educate people about the right to life, involve more people in the fight for life, and assist more women who find themselves in crisis pregnancies.

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